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$420.00 AUD
Approx $390.35 USD

Light Colour 1:
Beam 1:
Power 1:
Light Colour 2:
Beam 2:
Power 2:
Add Half Epic Battery:

CUSTOM V4 ADVENTURE - 2014 - Upto 5 business days to process. In need of faster processing choose any of the V4 Kits with fixed light colours

$420 AUD ex tax (International Orders)
AUSTRALIA - $462.00 including GST

Normal kit processing = up to 5 business days. In need of  faster processing? Choose any of the V4 kits with set light colours

What you get -
2 x Custom Lights. 700+ Lumen or 500+ Lumen. One Half EPIC Battery, one EPIC  one HEADBAND Kit, Bike and Helmet mounting Systems which includes the GECKO system, DUAL charger (charge two batteries at once), 12V car adaptor (charge from your car), 110 /240V AC adaptor for your country, one 1.2 metre extension lead (mount your battery in jersey pocket), neoprene battery pouches with neoprene battery lock down straps, cable ties and a pair of SAXONs, all this packed inside the new Orange AY POD rugged packaging case.

To aid with beam choice we recommend -
Narrow - Throws a long narrow beam - awesome for Helmet use or for spotting
Intermediate - Throws a good broad beam with plenty of throw - awesome for Handlebar or Head Torch use
Flood - Nice and wide diffused beam - awesome for Head Torch or Handlebar use when used with a Helmet light

Please note, Narrow and Intermediate beamed lights come with a black lightbar. The Flood beam light comes with a white lightbar. There is no option to change these colours.

For beam shots see here

All 2014 V4 Kits come with one Half Epic and one Epic Battery. With the Custom Kit only you have the option to order an extra Half Epic battery if required.

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